The various fecal sludge treatment plants were managed as public authorities by the National Sanitation Office of Senegal (ONAS), with major challenges related to facility maintenance and optimization of financial management. The delegation consisted in transferring, after an invitation to tender, the management to private operators based on financial, technical, and environmental requirements.


To involve the private sector in the economic development of the sanitation sector to ensure viability and sustainability of the fecal sludge industry through FSTP management.

  • Technically efficient,
  • Economically dynamic,
  • Financially profitable,
  • Socially and environmentally acceptable,

Preliminary Results

  • Upgrading all FSTPs
  • Paying a monthly operating fee to ONAS
  • Significantly improved treatment


  • Promoting reuse of sanitation by-products
  • Duplicating model of partnership with private sector

Main provisions of delegation agreement

  • Duration: 7 years
  • Operating license (payable annually): 25% of private sector’s profits;
  • Operating fee (payable monthly) depending on the profit made by the private sector;
  • Operation, maintenance, and facility maintenance plan;
  • By-products recovery targets.

Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy for Delegation

1. Establishing a delegation Monitoring, Evaluation, and Control Committee

2. Implementing a delegation M & E mechanism to capitalize all results

  • Establishing a computerized platform to monitor indicators
  • Developing a FSTP management manual
  • Developing a Procedural Manual
  • Preparing periodic reports to be submitted to the Committee