Call Center

A disruptive innovation

The PSMBV has initiated innovative activities, including the establishment of a call center to connect Faecal sludge emptying operators to households in need on mechanical emptying.


The objective of the call center is to make available to the sanitation players (ie: emptying operators, regulators and households) a tool for improvement and optimization services for GBV in this case a MCSP (Multi-Channel Service Platform) Platform. The call center is looking to reduce the costs of emptying through tenders.

Preliminary results

  • 523 Tenders launched from phase scaling
  • SMS Promotion were sent to a total of 42 500 SMS in the area of ​​Pikine and Guédiawaye
  • Market allocation system Tender better understood and accepted by the emptying operators/li>
  • Call center Services available all around Dakar
  • 98% of the bids come from households in the project area
  • the average price is 24 047 FCFA – Minimum Price : 16500 FCFA
  • Reducing discrimination in the pricing of emptying
  • General downward trend in prices
  • Transfered sludge volumes at stations have increased since the scaling of the call center in late 2013


  • Continuous improvements in technical robustness of Call Center
  • Tracking Call Centre Operations
  • Business model and trade policy
  • Campaign of mass communication
  • Tracking FSTP (privatization)
  • Georeferencing trucks


At the household level

  • Appreciate the ease of finding an emptying operator via the call center
  • Satisfied with the service monitoring and compliance commitments
  • Recommend the call center to neighboring

At the emptying operators level

  • Appreciate the ease of use of the call center and ease of implementation
  • Appreciate the ease of connecting with customers
  • Learn more about how to deal with customers (location, timing, etc.)

Review the TV spot promoting the call center