Organization & Governance

OrganiZation AND Governance OF PSMBV

For the Program to achieve its objectives, a Coordination Unit, a Steering Committee, and a Technical Committee have been set up.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC), established by order of the Minister of Water and Sanitation, is a framework for dialogue and exchange between fecal sludge industry stakeholders, whose overall mission is to contribute to the achievement of the program’s objectives. In this regard, it is responsible for:

  • Supervising the Program for Structuring the Fecal Sludge Market;
  • Preparing any consultations with the Program’s partners, both from the public and private sectors;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the partners’ commitments;
  • Submitting to the Government the proposed decisions based on the program studies and work and ensuring the implementation of the Government’s decisions;
  • Supervising for and at the request of the Ministries of Finance and Sanitation any other issues relating to the said program;
  • Participating in awareness activities with communities, associations, and people living in the program area.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is established within the Steering Committee. Its assignments include the following:

  • Preparing reports to be submitted to the Steering Committee;
  • Making comments on technical studies;
  • Validating the procedures manual;
  • Assisting ONAS in the conduct of the program activities, if necessary;
  • Fostering synergy between actions conducted for environmental upgrading of companies;
  • Developing an appropriate communications policy on the program and towards emptying professionals and beneficiaries of on-site facilities in the Pikine – Guediawaye area, in order to raise their awareness and mobilize them for the success of the program.

The Technical Committee may appeal to any relevant natural or legal person in fulfilling its assignments and meets at least every three months.

Program Coordination Unit

The Program Coordinating Unit (PCU) is established by the ONAS Management.

The PCU is responsible for coordinating, in connection with its Assistant Project Manager, the implementation of research partners’ activities and monitoring research and technical studies. More specifically, it is responsible for the following:

  • Coordinating PSMBV partners’ pro-poor activities in the region of Dakar;
  • Promoting the Program and disseminating its results at national and international level;
  • Monitoring the operations plan (procurement, disbursements);
  • Providing financial monitoring of the Program;
  • Monitoring compliance with the study and work implementation schedule at implementation agency level;
  • Preparing progress reports of the Program;
  • Preparing the financial partner’s supervision missions;
  • Ensuring the implementation by partners of monitoring and evaluation actions and providing a summary.

The PCU senior staff, assisted by support staffs, includes the following:

  • Coordinator, specializing in fecal sludge management;
  • Financial and Accounting Manager;
  • Communications Specialist;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist;
  • Administrative Assistant.

The Program Coordinating Unit staffs, who are not public officers, are subject to the Labor Code rules.