Institutional Partners

Institutional Partners

Bill & Melinda Gates

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation undertakes to increase poor people’s access to hygienic and financially affordable sanitation services. The foundation is the largest provider of the PSMBV.

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ONAS (National Sanitation Office of Senegal)

ONAS is the authority in charge of sanitation in Senegal. It is the PSMBV project lead and the Program’s contracting authority.

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Ministry of Water and Sanitation

he Ministry of Water and Sanitation is the relevant line Ministry for ONAS. It provides the Chairperson and Secretary of the Program Steering Committee, namely the Secretary General of the Ministry and the Head of the Sanitation Department.

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Other partners / members of the steering committee

  • Ministry of Health and Social Welfare;
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance;
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Equipment;
  • Ministry of Regional Planning and Local Governments;
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Handicraft;
  • Ministry of Energy;
  • Ministry of Environment;
  • Ministry of Water and Sanitation;
  • unicipalities in the Region of Dakar (Dakar, Pikine Guediawaye).