Implementing partners

Implementing partners


EDE (Environment, Waste, Water)

Environment, Waste, Water (EDE) is the Senegalese engineering firm responsible for technical studies and the PSMBV management assistance component.

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ONAS (National Office for Sanitation of Senegal)

ONAS is the authority in charge of sanitation in Senegal. It is the PSMBV project lead and the Program’s contracting authority.

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IPA (Innovations for Poverty Action)

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is an American NGO focusing on research and promotion of effective solutions to poverty issues. The IPA is involved in the research component of the PSMBV.

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OXFAM Senegal


Oxfam America, an American NGO specializing in issues related to gender, governance, peace and security in Casamance, and fair trade. Oxfam is involved in the Flood-Prone Area component of PSMBV

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Association des Acteurs de l’Assainissement du Sénégal

Association of Sanitation Actors in Senegal

The Association of Sanitation Actors in Senegal is a group of beneficiary emptiers involved in the program. It operates in the Mechanical Emptying component of PSMBV